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dammit, there were birthdays yesterday. and i forgot to call them both. shitheel. Melfa, i’ll call you soon. and i hope your birthday was happy!


Justin is having surgery tomorrow. he’s having the rest of his colon removed. they keep taking parts of it out, and i think this is the last of it. i asked him if this was going to be his last surgery (seeing as how there won’t be any more colon to remove) but he was all, “yeah right.” so you guys please pray. i’m praying too, but mostly my prayers end up with me giving God a piece of my mind, and i don’t know if those prayers will work for or against. i’m sure God is tired of me calling shenanigans on His Divine Plan. (and by “calling shenanigans” i mean “swearing at God.”)

speaking of The Lord, yesterday Jimmy the Drummer (not the same as Mr. Fleegan), Liz, and i played at some church in Huntsville. it was called The Dwelling Place and we couldn’t figure out what kind of church it was so we’re going with non-denominational. although the whole time i was there i thought it was a messianic jewish temple cos there were jew flags call over the place. maybe it’s not called the “jew flag” is it? the israeli flag then? it was white with the blue star of david?
i asked liz if it was a charismatic messianic jew church, but she said no, that the jew thing was a Huntsville thing. which was a little disappointing because how many charismatic messianic jewish temples do you think there are… in alabama? and i thought we had just played at one and really, talk about bragging rights. hee.

so it was merely a charismatic non-denominational church, which doesn’t seem quite as bragworthy. not that i would ever really brag about being on a worship team, mind. bitch, yes… brag? never. cry, maybe. the service was all right. when you go and play (or even visit) a strange church you never really know what you’re in for, right? this one wasn’t bad at all. the preacher wasn’t one of those screamy preacher types. you know the ones. they yell a lot? and that wouldn’t be so bad except THEY’RE HOLDING A MICROPHONE. i hate that. but this? this was not like that. and? there was no altar call, which i also detest. so BONUS! no screamy guy and no altar call. and? for the hat trick? the preach didn’t try to “save” us. so i’m assuming this church didn’t come out of a baptist tradition. i can’t take it when christians try to “save” other christians. personally, i think the “saving” business should be one-on-one (or two-on-one. DOUBLE TEAM FOR THE LORD!) and not a church service-wide thing. but i also yell and curse at God pretty often, so what do i know?

so anyway, this church wasn’t scary or anything. it seemed open and refreshing. and Liz did an excellent job of leading worship.

after rereading this i find that i sound like an idiot when i talk about God and church and also when i describe jewish things. but i’m leaving this post up to keep me humble. YES I CAN TOO DO HUMBLE.

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