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hey laura, i finally updated AND archived the dribblings for july – september.

oh! and you guys! i’ve totally read 50 books! i just haven’t updated that part of the site yet because i read those books back in october and now it seems kinda meh to update it. it was the james patterson Women’s Murder Club series. i wanted to read them cos i watched the tv show. the books are different than the show, but it worked out awesomely cos there are 6 books in the series (so far. book 7 is due out in Feb. for all you book nerds out there.) and i was on #44 on my fiddy list. so those 6 books knocked it out! take that, 50 books! TATDOW!

wow. so lemme tell you the LATEST in the Continuing Saga of Constant Random Shit That Gets Slung at Jaimie All the Damn Time.

sometime yesterday morning a car accident of sorts occurred at the intersection of Chestnut and S.11th ending with a car crashing into my driveway taking out a part of my deck, a fence post, flattening part of my fence, and crushing Roxy Rockstar’s dog house.

i’m thankful (Thanksgiving! yay!) that we don’t live there anymore because if we had been at home when it happened our cars would have been totaled… or at least royally farked.

no one involved in the accident nor the police have contacted me about this destruction to my property. how did i find out about this? my real estate agent called me. how did she find out about this? CRAZY MARGARET CALLED HER.

i know.

i know!

Crazy Margaret doesn’t even own a phone. and yet. she’s the one who notices the real estate sign with a phone number on it in the yard.

so the call from the estate agent went like this:

REA: hi jaimie.

Me: hey, how are you?

REA: fine. listen. you know that crazy lady on the bike?

Me: Crazy Margaret? WHY? WHAT DID SHE DO?

REA: she called me.

Me: oh shit.

REA: she said there was a high-speed car chase in your old neighborhood and a car crashed into your house.

Me: um… this is a joke, right? a hoax?

REA: no. i think she was serious. i would ride out there and check it out but i’m on my way to my family’s house for thanksgiving.

Me: right. okay. so. i’m going to go. to the house. and check out what the hell is going on. um, and i guess uh, will the police call me? or something? shouldn’t someone get in touch with me? about this? because no one has called me about this.

REA: i don’t know. i would assume so.

Me: it’s just that, if Crazy fucking Margaret can track me down… wouldn’t you think, oh i don’t know, THE POLICE would have tracked me down by now?!

REA: i don’t know.

Me: right. well anyway, have a great thanksgiving! i’ll get back to you on the house, okay?

REA: good luck.

Me: thanks.

i’m still not sure what actually happened because the skid marks in the street and in my driveway make no sense. also, the police never called. also also, the piece of shit who crashed into my place has not called.

mom called the police station and asked what was what. they said it was not a car chase at all, but that the power was out and the street lights were not working and that caused an accident and that i can pick up the accident report on monday. so i’m in limbo till then.

in better news:

this afternoon liznchris came over, and chris brought a chainsaw, and he cut down a couple of trees that were too close to our house. it was awesome. we have the best friends. ever! admit it! you’re jealous of how awesome our friends are! heck, i’ve even got Crazy Margaret watching my back.

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