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let me tell you this awesome thing that happened, and by awesome i mean typical jaimie mishap.

so on christmas night, the birthday of our Lord, i was at a party with my friends at my house. i invited myself. so at this party i had a half bottle of whiskey. good whiskey. it started out in my cola and then it ended up with just ice is how good this whiskey was. and like i mentioned, i killed the bottle. the next morning i had to work. no big, right? i’ve had to work under worse conditions before, and by conditions i mean slight hangover. so the hangover wasn’t really that bad. i wasn’t even nauseated. at first.

so in my haste for breakfast i saw some cake on the table and thought, “hey, that is a sweet little cake baked in a sweet little coffee cup. what a lovely present my friend liz made for me. it’s a treat! and when i finish eating it i can put coffee in it! this is a fanTAStic day-after-christmas-party-hurry-to-work-with-a-hangover-breakfast-cake.” so i crack into the cake with gusto! the crunchy topping was made of pecans and was very nice, then a bite of cake, and then another bite of cake. and there i am shoving cake into my cakehole and then oh god, wait. i must’ve been making a face because jimmy was all, “what’s wrong? is the cake bad?”

“um, probably not. liz made it, i think. it’s probably awesome.”

“then what’s the matter?” he asked as i spewed cake into the trash.

“nothing. it’s great.”

“yeah i can tell.” a then he takes a bite of the cake, “whoa. what’s in this?”

“…i’m gonna go with… rum? lots of rum. or perhaps a brandy.”

“wow. that is strong.”

“yes. i’m going to enjoy this at a later date.”

liz, your cake was awesome! but it should come with a warning…and a proof.

you must be over 21 to eat Liz’z Fire Water Pecan Cake. i want the recipe. but only if i can borrow your still.


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