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mr. fleegan and i picked out a christmas tree today. i’d like to say we went out to the tree farm and picked out the most glorious tree we could find to cut down ourselves, just like when we were all kids, right?
but no, we’re lazy. we went to marvin’s and bought a smallish spruce.

it’s in the livingroom now. i’ve managed to get the lights on it so far.


we had another fire in the fireplace. so much fun. toonces whorecat loves to sit and stare at the fire. she also likes to lay dangerously close to the fire. roxy rockstar on the other hand is very wary of the fire and if it pops or one of the logs moves she jumps a foot off the floor…even in her sleep. it’s kinda funny.


i found a hypodermic needle in the yard today and apparently roxy found it before i did cos it was chewed up a bit. that’s a really disturbing thing to find in your yard, and it’s even more disturbing knowing your dog chewed it. her tongue wasn’t cut up or anything so i’m trying not to freak out too much about it. it takes a special kind of ass hole to throw something like that into someone’s yard.

we really need out of this neighborhood.


i’m on antibiotics at the moment and for some reason when i take those the roof of my mouth becomes raw and horrible and feels like it’s all cut up. it’s really not fun to eat or drink anything. but hey, at least i can poke the logs in the fireplace. which, turns out, is one of my favorite things to do.
so easily entertained.

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