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have i ever mentioned that i like christmas songs? i suppose i have. well. anyway, one of my favorites is the one with porky pig singing “Blue Christmas”. I’ve always liked this song. in fact, i remember one christmas i got the 45 from santa and i listened to it only a blajillion times. (not to be left out, my little brother also received a 45 that year…the one where the dogs bark out jingle bells. old records are fun!) so there’s a softer than usual spot in my heart for “blue christmas”. i still like the song today, but i think i like it more for the dude in the background who’s laughing his ass off.

i love that.

i mean, that guy is gone! and the best part is during the lead kazoo break (hee) when porky stutters out, “b-b-b-baby, i’ll m-m-m-miss you.” the dude falls apart! and i can’t help but smile and sometimes, even laugh myself because the guy is totally shriek laughing. and sometimes i laugh like that too.


i just showed jimmy a magic trick i learned. his immediate response?
“you’re a witch.”


anyway, christmas songs. i love them. they’re stupid and i don’t care. i mostly like the old ones. i’ll tell you what i don’t like, okay? i don’t like manheim steamroller. it insists upon itself. (hee, liz)
i also don’t like it because it’s an orchestra with electric guitar. which is like andrew lloyd webber.
and honestly? hate.
and also? fmeh.
and? poop.


jimmy and i went to get some chinese food this evening and you’ll never guess who we ran into. mr. and mrs. firestone.
i know!
i usually run into King about once a year, but i haven’t seen Mary in probably 10 years. and holy cow, she hasn’t aged at all. AT ALL. i wonder what her secret is. pul cweam?
anyway it was cool as hell to see them.


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