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wednesday is Pork Chop Day at D’s Diner (it’s a meat and three on Noccalula Mountain). so every wednesday at lunch we go to D’s to have their amazing pork chops. they are huge and tender and just all around great. well, they’re fried though, and i usually don’t like fried pork chops. but these are really good. we eat at D’s once or twice (and sometimes thrice) a week because the food is great and it’s nice to have a regular eating place where they know who we are and what we like to drink. honestly, i think the waitress could order our food for us we eat there so often.

well, several weeks ago they had beef stroganoff on a friday. it was SO AWESOME DELICIOUS. and then they never had it again. bwah? (i mean, how easy is that to make, right? and it feeds like, 10,000 people.) so we keep dropping hints when we eat there all, “hey that beef stroganoff was fantastic! you guys should have that again sometime.” and “when are we going to get the beef stroganoff again.” blah blah blah. so today we asked again only this time we were relentless. the waitress said, “you guys want beef stroganoff? i’ll go see when she (the cook) is going to make the stroganoff again.” so she comes back and says, “she says pick a day and she’ll make the stroganoff.”


we told her we’d be back on friday. how cool is that?

i thought it was pretty cool.


hey you know that pet hair brush thing As Seen On TV where it brushes out the shedding hair that lives underneath the regular hair? well, i bought one of those at wal-mart for $10. i thought, “meh, if it works awesome, if not, blah.”
well, it works. awesome. i brushed a whole ‘nother cat out of toonces last night. so i’d say get one IF (and only if) your pet has shortish hair and AND AND, likes to be brushed. if the pet doesn’t like to be brushed then you can forget it.

luckily toonces LOVES LOVES LOVES getting brushed. roxy doesn’t. i did use it on her for a minute or two but
A. she hates being brushed and
B. she had longish hair and i could tell that it TOTALLY pulls the hair.
C. it didn’t get as much hair off rox as it did the kitty.

so there you go.

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