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wtf friday

i had a dream last night where i was at the vineyard church. only i didn’t want to be there. i was getting more and more nervous about being there (even though there wasn’t anything going on. no church was really happening.) that i kept eating these cookies that were on the table. and every time someone would come up to me to say something i’d shove another cookie in my mouth and start talking with the cookie bits all gross and falling out of my mouth.

there was another part of the dream where my friends and i were bussed to these softball fields (with cabins!). laura was in one of the cabins and there were a ton of children’s books and stuff and she kept telling me to take home the closet next to hers. i kept asking how i was supposed to take home a closet. she said, “well that one’s external. you can take that one.” and i was all, “it’s only going to be two walls then! how will i take it without all the stuff falling out?!” we continued to fight about it. then the lesbian softball coach finally showed up and none of us wanted to play ANY kind of sports. the busses never came back to get us but luckily liz was kinda….cinderella (seendereeya!) and she had a pumpkin stage coach and that’s how we got home.

when i woke up my mouth tasted like cookies.


work went fine yesterday. but the old lady had blabbed her non-real side of the story to EVERYONE and some of the oldsters gave me dirty looks, but no one said anything to me about it. the old lady did yell at dad in the lobby in front of everyone that he and i never told her to call 911 and that he and i lied about it and that we had been planning it for 2 weeks. she says she’s going to take it before the board and that we’ll get it and that it’s not over.

hell hath no fury…

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