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i haven’t turned on the computer in 6 days. i’m so sorry. all the time i get so mad at people who have blogs and then they stop posting and well, now i’ve become one of those assholes. my only excuse is knitting.


it’s sad though really, cos now? i get excited about yarn. YARN! i go down the MULTIPLE yarn aisles at Hobby Lobby, and i ooh and aah over the different colors and textures and I AM SO DAMN EXCITED BECAUSE I SAW SOME YARN THAT IS SPECIFICALLY FOR BABY STUFF because it’s all awesomely soft and sweet. the only blah thing is that it only comes in soft baby colors like blue and pink and a green and then the obligatory mixed roll of pastels and MAYBE I WANTED SOMETHING ORANGE.  but still, baby blanket yarn. aw.

right now i’m working on a scarf and a trivet. the trivet is brownish and the scarf is this awesome mixed colors that cookie had where it goes from red to orange to purple. AWESOME!


i can’t wait to get better at knitting so i can make stuff out of the more awesomne (hee, silent n) and expensive yarn. i’m looking at you, fizz and eyelash. YOU WILL BE MINE!

this is the week i learn how to purl.

okay, well, this is the week i attempt to learn how to purl, go to class and learn it, get home, and completely forget how the hell to do it. thus turning in to Tourette’s Knitter while jimmy sits next to me on the couch and laughs at his swearing, knitting old maid.


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