i’ve been watching Hoarders lately and it has inspired me to get rid of some serious accumulation. mostly in the form of books.

today i found two old sketchbooks from Ye Olde College Days. the’re mostly crap drawings (they’re the small sketch books, mainly used for notes and thumbnails. there were some small sketches of this giant Liz face i painted though. and when i saw them i thought, “oh yeah, i remember that painting.” but i did not remember the sketches. apparently i did one in pen and ink and messed up one of the eyes pretty bad. so i guess (?) i kept it in there and just added a random caption to the picture. i wonder what the professor thought.


The caption reads:
Her capacity for pain has always been amazing.
It all started when she was 6 years old.
During a weekend camping trip she wandered into
the woods alone. When she came back she was
missing an eye and dragging a dead bear cub
behind her. To this day she still laughs
about the “Bear Incident.”

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