Breakfast is still difficult. I finally managed to make some hard-boiled eggs. I used the easy way and then cooled the eggs with cold water a couple of times. The shell peeled away nicely.

Lunch and dinner so far this week have been different salads, and dad made some antipasta that was out of this world. I’ve eaten on it for two meals. He just cut up a ton of veggies (cucumber, green pepper, banana pepper, I think there was some okra?, tomato, I’m sure I’m forgetting something, parm cheese, pepperoni, and some Italian dressing. I added some big chunks of mozzerella cheese and half a packet of that salmon (in the foil packs?), it was awesomely fresh tasting.

If you grow fresh basil and haven’t made a Caprese salad, I suggest you do so. I didn’t make it with slices of cheese and tomatoes. I cut them up. So it wasn’t as pretty as the pictures, but it was good and surprisingly filling. I figured I’d be hungry an hour later, but I guess the cheese fills you up.

With all of the raw veggies I’ve been eating every day at every meal I figured my stomach would be giving me fits. But no. I’ve been fine. Even the green peppers haven’t bugged me.

Suck it, gluten.





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