Has it already been two weeks?

I’m still eating lots of veggies. My breakfast is still a hard-boiled egg. It’s not glamorous but it gets the job done. This week I’ve eaten a lot of cherries. They were on sale and I had never had a cherry before. How that happened I have no idea. But if I had known that they are like tiny plums I would have been all over them years ago. My love for plums is ridiculous, but the plums, they don’t love me. Actually, the plums have a healthy attitude toward me. I’m the one with the problem. If I buy a bag of plums I will eat them all in one sitting. And then terrible things happen.

It’s a compulsion. I can’t not eat all the plums.

I’m finding the same thing goes for the cherries, only so far I haven’t eaten them all (and I’ve tried. I just get too full.) and so far there’s been no problems.

Okay, fine. The first day there were problems. But now, I’ve learned to not eat 30 cherries on an empty stomach.

I did make a delicious meal this evening and I want to share it with you because it was so damn tasty.

Spaghetti, is basically what I made.

For the sauce it went like this:

I put olive oil in a pan. Diced up half an onion and half a green bell pepper and put that in the pan. put some salt and pepper on it. then I added two pieces of roasted red bell pepper that i had in a jar from the store (I think it was Alessi brand) cut those up and put them in the pan. Then I added a jar of Classico brand spaghetti sauce as it is gluten-free. Cut up a handful of pitted kalamata olives and threw them in the sauce as well.

for the “pasta” I peeled zucchini and then used the veggie peeler to shave off strips of the zuke. (stop when you get to the seeds). you basically need one zuke per person. Then in a separate pan from the sauce I added some oil and chopped garlic and got that hot. Then threw in the zucchini and as well as 2 table spoons of pesto. tossed it while it cooked for a minute (you’re basically stir-frying the “noodles”.

It kind of looked like cooked cabbage when I put in on the plate. I topped it with the sauce and some shredded parm. I was really surprised at how TOTALLY AMAZING it was. I served it with a salad, because I’m classy that way.

Not only was it gluten-free, but vegetarian as well.

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