I’m not a fan of yogurt. It has a chemical taste to me. If I have to eat it I’ll pick the kind with fruit stuck on the bottom because hey, fruit. But mostly, I can go for multiple years at a time without buying/eating yogurt.

I know they sell yogurt to women, and they try to sell it to women with bowel issues. And I’ve always has some of those issues, but it’s always been the opposite of the issues that the yogurt women have. Are you following this? I’m trying not to be all, “I poop a lot! Every day!” But there you go. Now you know. The poop’s out of the bag now.

However! Now that I’m on this gluten-free diet, and I’m eating way more protien, THINGS HAVE SLOWED DOWN. And probably not in a bad way, but it’s in a way I’m not used to yet. So I thought, “Hey, I’m a 30-something woman. I should eat a yogurt.” So I thought maybe I should try that Greek yogurt that everyone tries once and never eats again.
Let’s do it!

So I bought the Fage brand (pronounced: fa-yeh!) (according to the label. exclaimation point and all.) because it came with a tiny pot of honey. It seemed adorable at the time.

I had heard that Greek yogurt was different, but to me that could only be a good thing. The first thing I did when I opened it was to eat a spoonful of it on it’s own without the honey. Okay, the thing about this yogurt is that it tastes like an ingredient.

You know how you don’t eat sour cream by itself, but if you add it to food or put it on finished food it makes things taste better? I’m pretty sure that’s what this yogurt is for. You could make delicious dips with it, but on it’s own, it’s like eating stiff sour cream.

Then I tried it with the honey, and I’ll admit, the sweetness really helped choke it down. Also, either there was a ton of yogurt packed into that tub or that stuff grows as you eat it, because it was The Snack That Wouldn’t End. It was actually part of my lunch, I had a small salad and that yogurt. Then my stomach was really uncomfortable for a couple of hours. I did not notice an improvement with the bowels, but I know, I’ve seen the commercials. They want you to eat yogurt for two weeks.

I’m not going to do that.

Will I try Fage again? Yes. But only because I bought two of them. They are kinda pricey.


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