George A. Romero: Interviews edited by Tony Williams

Let’s see, 40 years’ worth of interviews with movie director/writer, George A. Romero? Yes, please.

This book has a short introduction and the rest is just interviews, some better than others, but since the interviews span 40 years, it’s a great read because you see how Romero grows as an artist plus, you see how he really sticks to his independent roots. The interviews are entertaining to read, but this isn’t a book you just sit down and read for hours because it gets a bit tedious reading the same/similar questions over and over. I treated it a bit like a devotional, I’d read one interview in the morning with my coffee. This seemed to work well in that the reading of it went from being a chore to being kind of charming.

If you’re a Romero fan, movie buff, or love reading about older movies I’d reccommend this one.


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