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I saw four deer at the park today. Roxie really wanted to go check them out, but wouldn’t let her go after them because

#1. That would be rude.

#2. Those deer were medium to small in size and they were still huge and could probably crush Roxie’s skull in one blow.

#3. They were eating and I would have felt so bad if they had to run on a full stomach.

I watched them eat, and tried to move closer (but not too close!) and, and eventually they wandered into those woods. So I continued my walk, and on the way back (I walk to this local school and back again) and they were out again! (In a different spot.)

It was AWESOME. They totally saw Roxie and I the whole time, but we stayed back far enough they didn’t run off. And they kind of took forever to go on their way. After a while I thought what am I going to do if they don’t get a move on? I’ve got to get back to my jeep sometime today. Then I thought maybe they were waiting on me to get closer so they could mug me and then crush my skull in with their hooves.

They finally finished their whatever they were eating and went back into the woods. Roxie and I made it back to the jeep with both of our skulls intact.



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