This book is a follow-up to Ms. Fisher’s previous memoir, Wishful Drinking. I love dishy Hollywood memoirs (because inside this thirty-something body of mine lives a very nosy, old lady along with an even older queer gentleman whose name is something like Gerald, but demands to be called Halston.) and like her previous book, this one does not disappoint in the dish factor.

In this one the author starts out talking about ECT (shock therapy) that she is now going through to help her with her severe bi-polar disorder, and then the book turns into a memoir about her relationship with her father, Eddie Fisher. My only problem with the book is that it doesn’t gel together as good as Wishful Drinking did. However, Shockaholic is still totally entertaining and just as honest about her mental illness and wacky life adventures as the first book.

This book is a guilty pleasure. I totally feel guilty while reading it because  some of the subject matter is really sad, but Fisher’s writing is so darn entertaining, I can’t help myself.

It’s short, dishy, entertaining, and mostly funny. I recommend you put it in your face and read it.

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