Sunday afternoon we were at a restaurant, I was cramming nachos into my face, and this lady came up and sat down next to me.

“Hey, you’re the nice library lady.”

Aw, she thinks I’m nice! “Really? Yeah!”

“I recognized you from over there, and well, I have this extra coupon.” She hands me a coupon for the restaurant.

“Oh, you don’t need it?”

“No, I have one too.”

“Cool. Thank you!”

“Sure,” she said getting up, “See you at the library.”

“Thanks again, see you.”

So then I was all, “Did you hear what she called me? The NICE library lady.”


“That’s practically like being a rockstar.”

“Not… really.”

“Should I have offered an autograph or something?”



I had to clean up smeared poop in the ladies’ restroom.




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