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This afternoon we went to Snake Bite Pond to walk Roxie and look for snakes. Jimmy went with me so that he could hold on to Rox while I took pictures because I don’t know if you know this, but when I’m walking the dog at the park and I see a snake or lizard or bunny or whathaveyou, the dog goes bananas and it’s hard for me to hold her leash as she tugs it AND take a picture of the critter IN FOCUS. So Jimmy went along and he spotted this giant snake first. We thought it was some kind of garter snake, because it looked dark green and yellow, but I looked it up and it’s a black kingsnake.


Kingsnakes rule because they eat poisonous snakes. That is pretty badass.


But this snake would not stop moving. I mean, it was constantly slithering, moving it’s head, going in and out of rock tunnels and dead leaves. And it was fast too. And long! It was probably 30 inches long. I named him Long-y.


I pretty much name all snakes Long-y.


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