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At the park where I walk and take pictures of snakes, there is a discgolf course strewn about. It is more popular than I thought it would be. We, the dog and I, call the frisbee hippies tossers. Yes, I know that tosser is british slang, that’s part of the fun. Most of the tossers are okay. There is one group I don’t like because the one tosser brings his ugly-ass bulldog and lets said bulldog off of it’s leash. I don’t care that the dog is a bulldog, but I do care that it’s not on the leash and that it comes running up to me (and Roxie) growling like it intends to eat my face off.

I realize most dogs growl for show and will more than likely stand down. And if it was just me walking then I’d pick up a stick and yell, “I’M SORRY YOUR OWNER IS A DILDO, GIT!” but since I’ve got Roxie in one hand and a camera in the other, it’s not like I’ve got time to find a stick AND hold onto my dog, who is responding in kind to the bulldog.
The tosser with the dog calls his dog off, but never apologizes for being a dick who won’t leash his dog.

When I see that group of tossers’ cars in the parking lot I get grumbly. “Ugh, tossers.”

Today there were only two tossers at the park. They managed to be so loud that even though you couldn’t see them, you knew where they were. I know, I sound like an old person. But for serious, the one guy was constantly yelling. It was beyond obnoxious. The way he was yelling should only be reserved for emergencies (Snake! Yeti! Elvis!) and NOT for reasons such as your frisbee hitting a damn tree. Grow up, you tosser.

I think playing discgolf at the park is insane because they don’t keep the course mowed/cleared up, and most of the “holes” are in the snakiest places in the park. I see loads of snakes there and even I don’t go close to the “holes.”
Tossers be crazy.


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