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i had a dream last night about killer bees. there was a hive in my yard. as a house painter i hate all winged, stinging insects and their hives/nests.

and, i have killer bee-ophobia.

dear God,

please. please! do NOT let the killer bees get here. make gadsden safe from the killer bees. oh it’s creeping me out just thinking about it.
i know that it’s our own fault that killer bees exist. i know that when man tries to play god man gets punished by things like killer bees, the plague, rats with human ears growing on their backs, polluted air and water, iPods, the AIDS, high gas prices, an idiot of a president, computer viruses, banks that close on wednesdays, blockbuster video, the olympics, all of televison, the internet, the gay-loving liberal media, banjo music/bagpipes, the holocaust, the art of thomas kincade, acid rain, france, italy, the whole “is pluto a planet or one of neptune’s moons” thing, scientology, that “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” song, and nuclear/atomic weapons. i mean, someone lied to Oprah and NEARLY GOT AWAY WITH IT. these things are all our faults. we are the ones to blame for the horrible evil sins of the world. these are the things that happen when we try to play god.
i kind of lost track of what i was talking about.
after re-reading the list i just made, i realize that we often punish ourselves. wow. anyway, thank you for Jesus. thank you for forgiveness, thank you for loving me, and please…no killer bees.

my bowling scores last night were: 90, 75, 113.
why am i still sucking the bowling ass? i’ve bowled once a week for 6 months. should not there be improvement?! I TAUGHT MYSELF HOW TO JUGGLE! I CAN JUGGLE BALLS, CLUBS, AND RINGS! WHY CAN’T I ROLL A BALL DOWN A LANE? WHY CAN’T I KNOCK THE PINS DOWN?! WHY AREN’T MY SCORES IMPROVING?! why am i actually caring about this?


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