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i took a whole week off from the blog. it felt great not to turn on the computer.

this would be the part where i tell you all the cool/funny/stupid/weird things that happened to me this week.
well, i don’t remember much. let’s see, there was bowling, which i still suck at, in case you were wondering. then there was liz’z birfday. then there was liz at fredo’s. then there was the grocery store.
that’s how my week went. nothing too interesting. oh, but dad and i worked in anniston yesterday and we TOTALLY had lunch at Mata’s and we TOTALLY had steak grinders, and you guys, we TOTALLY need to take a trek over there en masse and have grinders and beer. we are far overdue for a Mata’s run.


cell phone fun: more txts

Damn right you will buckfutter.
– fellykish

blegger goo?
– kristie

Wassup hobag? Just check’n in to see how the kitties are.
– fellykish

I will find it when i get home tomorrow and then i will kill them.
– fellykish

Crazy margaret is here. Bike and all.
– chris

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