Ooh a twisty whodunit? Yes, please!

The story is about Sam, a young cellist, who’s mother’s death is ruled a suicide. Sam’s mom, Kirsten, is a famous poet, and her last journal and poem are missing. Sam thinks Kirsten did not kill herself, but was murdered. No one else believes Sam, she’s young, she has a bad attitude, and people don’t like her. So you follow her as she tries to find evidence of murder.

The characters are really great. Everyone is fleshed out and believable. The story is good. What I like about this story is while I was reading it I felt like ALL of the characters could’ve been the murderer. The ONLY negative thing I can say about this book is that it seemed to have three endings. Now I am all for a plot twist, or a Shyamalan ending, but I don’t need a dramatic ending that seems to end three times. The characters and mystery were tight. I loved it. The ending was a too long, it lost some of its edge.

Still and all, it was a good book and I’ll definitely read another one of her mysteries.

I give this book gets 3 Roxie heads.

If you want to give one of Ms. Hines books a go, you can do so here.

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