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wow, it’s been 4 days? sorry. i’ve lost all track of time. it’s sudoku. it’s stealing my soul. and my blog time. obviously. my best time now is 3 minutes and 27 seconds. TATDOW! or as i say now, TATOKU!
not to be confused with yoko!jackamoko!toto! which is what i yell when i’m driving behind a bad driver.

anyway, i had this dream a couple of weeks ago and i’ve been meaning to share it with you guys because it is so bizarre.
it is a sex dream, of course. well, not really. i mean, we were both naked but not doing it.
so, i’m in the bedroom with my boyfriend, Thor.
yes. THE thor. the hammer god or whatev from Norse myth.
i know.
i know.
so anyway we’re getting ready for bed, and i say something like, “hey Thor, what are you doing tomorrow?” or something like that. and he says, “Bruce.”
“i told you to call me Bruce.”
“honey, you’re Thor.”
“yeah, but i want to be called Bruce. call me Bruce.”
“what? no! everyone knows you’re Thor. i’m not calling you Bruce.”
“why do you do this? everytime i ask you to call me Bruce we have the same arguement!”
“because! it’s ridiculous! your name? isn’t Bruce! it’s THOR!”
“but i-”
“you have The Hammer for pete’s sake! how are you going to explain that to people you introduce yourself to as “Bruce”?”
“that’s none of their-”
“you know what? i’m not sleeping with half a fag anymore.”

it ends up with me getting kicked out of Valhalla. which, i have no idea how i got there in the first place seeing as how i didn’t die in battle.

i had a dream the other night where i was fighting with a lion and the lion pulled out a blow gun and shot me with a dart and he said, “ha! i’ve just injected you with heroine.”
and then i was all high and feeling euphoric, but i knew he was about to kill me and i was all, “crap, i know he’s going to kill me, but i just can’t seem to care…or move. this is awesome.” and the lion, he was really skinny and sick looking and was also on two legs, he says, “ha! you’re so weak. how does it feel?” and i felt awesome, but i knew i should be mad because he cheated and i said, “that’s dirty pool!” and giggled.
then he killed me.


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