Last summer I read and loved Blue Monday, the first in the Frieda Klein series and really looked forward to reading the next one. Tuesday’s Gone came out this spring (in the U.S.) and I’ve had it on my list to read, and I finally put this book in my face this week and read it. It did not disappoint.

In this one a dead man is found by a social worker on a couch at a crazy lady’s house. The crazy lady is trying to feed him tea and cake. The police ask Frieda (a psychiatrist/therapist) to talk to the crazy lady to see if she killed the guy. From there the murder mystery grows into a huge whodunit because the murder victim was a con man who’d ripped off several rich people. So there are tons of motives. Frieda gets too involved again. She’s kind of like Columbo where the police are all, “Cool we’ve solved it, thanks.” and she’s all, “Wait there’s just one more thing I don’t understand…” and blows the case open again.

This book is a solid mystery. So good.

The characters are still great. We learn a little more about Frieda and her family. I was bummed that Josef wasn’t in this one as much. He brings the humor.

If you like well-written mysteries with lots of good characters definitely read this series. Also, you should read Blue Monday first because there are a lot of mentions of the previous mystery. This wouldn’t effect the enjoyment of the second book, but I think it would be a more rewarding read if you’ve already read the first one.

Put this book in your face!

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