burningOkay, I’ve got to be really careful how I talk about this book as to not give away the really cool twists and turns that happen in this book.

The MacBrides are a well-to-do family in a fancy small village in England. The father is a bigwig at the local fancy school. The mother is a magistrate. The kids are all smart and everyone grows up to have perfect lives. Sort of.

Darcy is a ragamuffin kid with a chance to get a scholarship to the fancy school. Darcy doesn’t get in, and thus begins a life of obsession and secret revenge towards the MacBrides.

The book starts out with the Macbrides, then Darcy gets the middle part, and the book ends with all of them together. It is a crazy, wild ride. It’s dark, and at times, really sad. And there is a twist in the middle that shot me straight up out of my chair.

The writing is good, the plot moves along, but I’m not sure about the ending. I did not understand the motivation of the family at the end. That said, it was still a good book and I’d recommend it to all who like a dark, twisted mystery.


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