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happy Fat Tuesday, sinners.
once again i’ll be giving up
sugar for lent. it’s a crazy idea, but it just might work.

for the first time that i can remember i drank juice straight from the carton yesterday. it was amazing. juice-gasmic. honestly, drinking it directly from the carton…the juice tasted so good. better than it’s ever tasted before. (i don’t like juice, but i drink it when i’m sick.) of course, it could have tasted so good because my nose isn’t as stopped up and so maybe i have my sense of taste back.
i hate juice. mostly ‘cos when i drink it, i have to drink it all. and it ends up eating the inside of my mouth away. like right now, the roof of my mouth has disintegrated. i’m an idiot. but it’s true. the other day i bought some juice and took it to liz’z house and we chatted for a bit and i drank more than half of the carton while i was there. i gave myself a stomach ache doing that.
it’s not the first time.
i’m just bad at juice.

i had a dream last night and in the dream i was at a restaurant/department store. while trying to buy some shoes i went to the counter and ordered a margarita milkshake. it was really thick like a Wendy’s Frosty.
guys, we HAVE to figure out how to make those.


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