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wow. i should have made that one of my goals and then i’d be all, “hell, it’s only been two days and i’ve already scratched a goal of my 2006 list. TATDOW!”

Dante called and asked what i was doing today and i said nothing and he asked if i wanted to go with him and shoot guns and i said well i dunno i mean i’m scared of guns and okay sure. it was a REAL GUN! with REAL BULLETS! and REAL SOUND! it was a .22 revolver and it looked like a COWBOY GUN! i know! a revolver! as in, Colonel Mustard in the Billiard Room with the revolver!

to Gun People a .22 revolver is probably = to a sissy gun. but the thing you must remember is Gun People are weird.

anyway Dante taught me how to load it and unload it and cock the hammer and it was dual and single er…dual and single something. like one you just pull the trigger and the other you pulled the hammer back and then hit the trigger. cocking the hammer and then pulling the trigger is much easier than just the trigger. anyway, whatever. i shot a gun.

oh! and i hit the target! like, most of the time! i even hit the bullseye too. and also Dante said i had a good grouping! i should take a picture of one of my targets so you can see my grouping!

then when we were done with the shooting we went back to his house and Florrie made the best dinner in the world. i think she makes the best food because she loves the people she feeds. you should totally go over to their house for dinner some time. you won’t be disappointed.

i spent over 8 hours with the nooges today. what a crazy fun gun day!
whoa, but why was it 80 degrees outside?


so far, i’ve had two of the weirdest dreams ever. yesterday’s was in 4 parts. i played 4 different people in 4 different senarios. the common denominator? i was chased by 4 different things. lots of running. i was tired when i woke up and my arms were numb. yay!

today’s dream was crazier. it took place during the u.s. civil war. we were there. the dudes were soldiers. i don’t think i could type it out in 4,000 words or less. just know that i woke up all, “what the? did i fall asleep watching a war movie?”


my 5 favorite books that i read last year:
1. Pascal’s Wager by Nancy Rue
2. Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal by Eric Schlosser
3. The Keeners by Maura D. Shaw
4. A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews

uh, i guess i only had 4 favorites.

i guess i’m going to try to read 50 books this year. i was thinking of cutting the number down to 30. but since i didn’t make it to 50 last year i feel like i should try it again. liz gave me 3 books for christmas so i’m totally set. it’ll be easy. sha right. i noticed looking back on what i read last year that i read a lot of crap in the form of kay hooper novels. i’ll try to fix that this year. well, i say that… and the book i just finished is a novel based on the cartoon FullMetal Alchemist. so there you go. the spirit is willing but the brain is weak. what? i read a book based on Anime? who am i and what have i done with the real jaimie?

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