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this morning i played on liz’z worship team. i really enjoy playing bass on her team, i guess it’s ‘cos it’s the only time i get to play bass anymore. playing bass is the easy part and worshiping is the hard part. (i had to look up worshiping to make sure i spelled it right. it can go either way, worshipping or worshiping. neat-o, huh?) it’s tons easier for me to worship if i know how the songs go ‘cos then i’m not all, “shit! i should’ve played a B there!”, hee. liz is pretty good about picking out at least some songs that i’ve heard, and so i get to play ones i know and learn other ones. it’s a good system. (goodfellas)

my li’l bro’s band, Ivalee, is playing in Chattanooga Feb. 25th.
let’s go! wouldn’t it be cool to make a night of it?! he says they are the opening band, so i’d assume (uh oh, ass. you. me.) that they wouldn’t go on too late or play really long. could be fun.

in random nerd bragging:
my best time at sudoku is 3 minutes and 52 seconds, which let’s face it, is four minutes. but it sounds way faster if you say 3 minutes and 52 seconds. i like to pretend that i’m a genius and that when i solve them that i’ve deciphered a secret code from the enemy. i’m not sure which enemy. my imagination hasn’t gone that far into it yet. however, it has gotten to the point where i see the puzzles when i close my eyes.


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