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as you can see, i’m trying to get a good start on the fiddy this year. but that’s how it always goes doesn’t it? i get a good start and then KABLAMMO i fizzle out come november. still, i give myself points for trying.

on thursday i woke up and went to the bathroom and i glanced over at the litter box to see if i needed to clean it out and OH MY SWEET LORD THERE WAS BLOOD IN THE LITTER BOX! TOONCES! MY BABY!
i don’t actually refer to my cat as my baby. still, i was a bit concerned. concerned enough to call my new boss and be all, “MY CAT IS DYING. I MIGHT BE A BIT LATE TO WORK TODAY. OR NOT, DEPENDING ON HOW LONG SHE TAKES TO KICK THE BUCKET. PLEASE DON’T GIVE MY JOB AWAY.”

the vet ended up keeping her overnight. as for what is wrong with her…who knows? she’s on antibiotics and steroids for two weeks and then we’ll see if that has helped. if it doesn’t then this may be the last of Toonces Whorecat. she doesn’t seem to be feeling well, she now sleeps for 24 hours a day instead of her usual 23 hours. but she is able to get up and down the bed and she also runs to her food bowl…so she can’t be too bad, right?

i think the steroids make her hungry cos she ate the wet food i use to hide the pills (we were doing the Hold the Cat Down and Force Her Head Open and Throw the Pills In method of pill distribution, but she’s caught on and now she fights and hisses and bites when we come at her with a pill. so i bought some wet food to hide the pills in, and wow, she LOVES that stuff.) and then turned around and ate all the dry food.

i hope she gets better.


it was Mental Illness Day at FoodMax yesterday. the cashier lady was arguing with the lady in front of the man in front of me about some kind of WIC thing. so the guys says something to the cashier and she whipped around and pointed at him and said, “Sir, I am FINE.”

i had thought about switching lanes because it was taking FOREVER but in a sick way i wanted to see what was going to happen. when it was the guy’s turn to check out he was all, “I’LL NEVER COME THROUGH YOUR LINE EVER AGAIN. I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU’RE ALL PISSED OFF AT ME WHEN ALL I ASKED WAS IF YOU WERE OKAY. YOU HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE!”

she didn’t respond, but she did tell hem to have a nice day as she handed over his purchases. he was all, “WELL, I’LL TRY!”

then when it was my turn she said to me she says, “What is with everyone today?” i wanted to say, “hey, are you okay?” but thought better of it.


i had a dream that i was out exploring a creek/stream with Terry Irwin and we both got bit by rattlesnakes. she talked incessantly. when we got to the Australian hospital we were separated and i couldn’t find the ER section. i kept finding the bar section. yeah, a bar, in the hospital. i was all, “please help me.” and so this bloke or mate or whatever behind the bar hands me a phone and a phone number but the phone number was numbers AND letters and my hands were swelling up and i couldn’t figure out how to dial the number and somehow i ended up on the beach eating something called hard yogurt.

i ate krystal’s last night.

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