commonthread I can dig a romance book every now and then because sometimes you don’t want a complicated story. You just want to read about some folks gettin’ it on, or whatnot. Other than the overly complicated plot (the whole drug dealer/murder plot was insanely unbelievable) and the plot device children, I did like the characters and the love stories part. Yeah, stories, plural. This book is a two-fer.

The Katie/Jet relationship is sort of mostly established as the story begins. The Nic/Rae love story is main love story, I’d say. These characters are all very likable, even though at first Nic is a bit spoiled, I guess. But there’s growth, and I always like that.

There is a plot twist that I will not talk about so as not to spoil it, but it has all the characters meeting each other to make one big cohesive story. There was one thing (other than the unbelievable drug/murder story line) that bugged me and that was ALL the characters seemed to own a lake house.

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