I figured this book would be jam-packed with geeky jokes, but it is more of a self-deprecating memoir of a time in Patton Oswalt’s life when he was addicted to movies and thought he was going to be an amazing film maker. He does talk some film nerdery in this book, but the majority is him discussing the mistakes he made in his early years. I think it’s great that he is so comfortable talking about his past mistakes and failures, and he does it in such a way that it’s entertaining to read about. I think all artists have to fail an awful lot before they make the good stuff, and this book deals with that part of art.
This book might not be what I expected, but it made me think a lot, and I enjoyed it immensely.


This was the 50th book I read this year. Fifty books was my goal for the year, and I NAILED IT, SUCKAS.

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