I enjoyed this book a lot, the forward and intro covered the very basics of Candy Darling’s life, and the rest of the book was made up of her journal writings and letters.

I loved the journal parts because it would go from brutally honest thoughts about herself and life to really snarky comments on other people to… recipes. It was all such a mixed bag of goodies.

I do wish the book would’ve had more of her life story in it. The journal entries were so odd and didn’t seem to follow a timeline that there wasn’t a narrative at all. I really loved how there was barely any talk of Andy Warhol. This is ALL Candy Darling. (So I’m kinda peeved that Andy Warhol is in the title, but I get why they did it.)

I really admire drag queens. They’ve got to be some of the toughest people on the planet. They also seem to have a lot of heart. Candy Darling did. Her bravery, the fact that even when she was down she carried on, was way more inspirational than I thought it would be.

This book is a really good starting point if you’re interested in LGBTQ history, because it’s short, sweet, inspirational, and entertaining.

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