I love wit, and Greg Proops has a ton of it. This clever book is filled with terrific lists of books, art, movies, Roman emperors, and many, many things baseball. This was such a fun read, and bonus, it’s very informative.

Like many comedians, Proops really knows how to use words. He has a vast vocabulary while using an economical style, so his essays are very short and to the point while also entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny. The man is dead clever. I wish I had written at least half of the essays myself!

I very much enjoyed all of the baseball topics, and his knowledge of the history of the game is impressive. Actually, his knowledge of the history of all the things is pretty impressive. And he feeds you this knowledge in bite-sized nuggets of fun.

What I really loved though, was how he wrote about women. It was so nice to read such smart and respectful things about women. Kudos to you, Mr. Proops!

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