frombrugeswithloveI loved the first two books in the Inspector Van In series, and I thought I’d go ahead and give this one a try. These are older mystery books, first published in the ’90s (I think, perhaps the earlier one are from the ’80s?), but they’re just now being translated into English and sent over here. When I started this one I had no idea that I was reading the 33rd book in the series! (33?! HOW?)
It doesn’t matter that I jumped so far ahead in the series because even though the relationship between Public Prosecutor Hannelore Martens and Inspector Pieter Van In has changed since the first books, the relationship doesn’t get in the way of the mystery itself. In fact, their relationship is really cute. And Van In’s right-hand man, Guido Versavel, is still helping to solve the mystery. I love their banter.

The mystery in this one is: they find a body. Super rich people and Important Government People are involved. Once again Van In has to take down some bigwigs using some unconventional means.

The mystery is great. I love that Aspe can write a mystery where you know all the bad guys, you know the whodunit, but you still don’t know why, and the why is what is driving you to keep reading. I read a ton of mysteries, but I do not read many that lay out all the players like that and STILL manage to tell a compelling story.

My only complaint is that Van In seems to find so much time to drink ice cold Belgian beer, and I’m completely jealous.



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