Her whole life, Ava Carson has been sure of one thing: she doesn’t measure up to her mother’s expectations. So when Mitchell Carson sweeps into her life with his adorable son, the ready-made family seems like a dream come true. In the blink of an eye, she’s married, has a new baby, and life is grand.

Or is it?

I usually read Scandi-crime and non-fiction, so I gave this domestic suspense genre a try. Whoa. I was not expecting this level of stress and anxiety from a book about a failed marriage. Actually, you can’t even call it a failed marriage because that would imply that you’d see the end coming, and that’s not the case. Here we have Ava living a good life with a happy family, and then one day, KA-BOOM, her husband wants a divorce AND the kids.

As the book goes on, the husband, Mitchell, gets more controlling and, I believe the medical term is bonkers. Yes, let’s go with bonkers.

The oldest son, Jack, is THE BEST character. I love how the author captured his earnestness and his want to fix everything. It was so nice to read a child character that was fully developed and not a Plot Device Child.

This is a fast-paced book, and no kidding, while I was reading it my stomach was in knots because I was so concerned about the children. When I would put the book down to go make dinner or whatnot I’d say to it, “You are stressing me out!” and “This better end well!” and “SO HELP ME IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO JACK I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU.”
You know, just, regular things you say (yell) at books.

If you like suspense put this book in your face.


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