I am not old, but I am middle-aged. What an absolute delight!

I feel a lot older than I did a month and a half ago, before a teenager moved in and made me realize that wow, I really enjoy things like: routine, not going places, watching predictable television, not having to plan dinner every night, and other such glamorous things that couples with no children enjoy.

(This is by no means a negative critique on Aubergine, who is a lovely teenager/student. She is low maintenance and honestly, she’s easy to live with. She might not say the same about us. My guess is that she’d say Mr. Fleegan seems to watch a lot of football, and that I am always at work, which is probably for the best seeing as how I’m so high-strung I can suck the fun out of the room like a black hole.)

I take (and pick-up)  Aubergine to school every day. This means we listen to the pop station on the radio. Normally, I switch between the hard rock and oldies station, but she is a teen and she enjoys the pop music and I mean, I’m not a damn monster, you guys. Having to listen to pop music for 10 minutes a day is not exactly a hardship.

I’m impressed at how she knows the lyrics TO EVERY SONG ON THE RADIO.

Every day we have this convo:

“How to do you know the lyrics to this song? You’ve only been here a month!”

“We have this song in Belgium.”

“Really? I’ve never heard it before.”

“You haven’t?!”


“Jaimie, we heard this song yesterday on the way to school.”


So, yeah, I’m not too swift on the pop music. And I’m mostly fine with it. I mean, do I bemoan the fact that the “music” doesn’t seem to be played by musical instruments but computer machines instead? Of COURSE I do. But I admit that I’m impressed by how many female pop singers there are and that they seem to get more airplay than other female artists of other genres. So there’s that.

I was talking to damecatoe the other day about how the pop music makes me feel old and she was all, “Yeah, since you only listen to classic rock I can see why.”

“I do not ONLY listen to classic rock.”

“Whatever. Alice in Chains is over 20 years old so…”

“I hate you.”

“What I hate is how misogynistic the lyrics are in pop songs.”

“Do you enjoy anything anymore?”

“Have you listened to the lyrics?”

“No? I only catch the really repeat-y ones. Who has time for lyrics?”

“What are you even like?”

“How are we friends? We have nothing in common.”

“I know.”

“Oh! I really like that Xs and Os song!”

“Me too!”





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