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the cat is still at the vet’s. i think i’m becoming slightly depressed about it. i miss the old whore. i was so bummed about it yesterday that i just sat around the house and watched tv. i watched three movies. me! three! i watched The Towering Inferno, Hudson Hawk, and The Breakfast Club with a few eps of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe and Mythbusters thrown in.

i’ve seen Hudson Hawk several times, and i think that that movie was ahead of it’s time. it’s a funny flick. i like it.

The Towering Inferno is a great movie if for no other reason than you get to see Paul Newman and/or Steve McQueen in every scene. what hotness! and i’m not talking about the building on fire. but then at the end, the old lady who fell in love with old Fred Astaire’s character dies and all he’s left with to remind him of her is her cat. which looks just like Toonces and so i was all bummed out by that.

now don’t freak out or anything, but i had never seen The Breakfast Club before.
what the hell did i just say? i said don’t freak out.
i know.
i know.
ANYway, it was actually better than i thought it would be. still it’s kind of a downer movie so it did not help my, “woe is me, my poor cat is sick, will i ever see her again?” thoughts. i was shocked at the amount of cursing in it. not at the words, but that they used ’em so much.
the only part i actually laughed at was at the end when the weird girl kisses emilio (EMILIO! what is that from? i hear will ferrell screaming it.) and then she steals a patch off his school jacket. that was funny. but the rest of it wasn’t that funny.

it’s kind of like Say Anything, because everyone loves those two movies and i’m all, “yeah, they’re not bad movies but i’m glad i don’t have to see them again.”

but i admit that i have poor taste in moves. and that the ones i can watch over and over again are dumb, campy, and mostly crap. take for instance Major League. i can watch that shit once a month. i don’t know why. i have crappy taste. so if i hate a movie that you love with all your heart, i’m sorry… kelly.

i drew the line at Planet of the Apes. i was all, “hey what’s this movie…charleton heston is an astronaut…oh, i bet this is one of the monkey movies. oh, their ship has crashed in a desserted area…yeah, gotta be monkeys in this. no thanks.” at first when i saw the extremely dated outfits and water and a ship of some kind i was hoping it was that killer whale movie with richard harris and bo derrek. but no, it was apes.

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