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August Attacks!
i know it sounds like i’m making this shit up, but i’m not. how unlucky can one person be?

my computer? has a trojan horse virus.
heh, i said trojan.


the lady who owes me money called and said, “hey, how about i meet you somewhere to give you the money? that way you don’t have to drive all the way out here.”
so i said, “well, that’s okay really. i know you have kids and all and i can just go to your house.”
“no no. that’s too far. how about we meet at the mall?”
“the mall?”
“yeah, how about we meet under the sign at the mall.”
“well, yeah. is that okay?”
“sure. i guess.”
“what is it?”
“well, i mean…that’s totally going to look like a drug deal.”
“bahahahahaahaaa! jaimie, that is so funny! i would never have thought of that!”
“oh. well.” i was completely serious.
“hahahaha! a drug deal!”
“*sigh* so, under the sign at the mall?”
“i’ll see you then!”

and you guys? it TOTALLY looked like a drug deal. i’m sure the mall security cameras were ALL OVER THAT. hee.


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