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on saturday night as i was settling in for bedtime, i had the TV turned on. my normal Fall Asleep to [adultswim] Regimen doesn’t work on saturdays ‘cos all they show is Anime and i’m sorry, i really am, i just DON’T GET IT. so as i laid there i flipped some channels. and NOTHING was on. it was the saddest. but then i landed on TVLAND. i didn’t even know i had that channel.

well, they were having a whole two-day marathon of Night Court. oh my gosh! do you remember that show?! i use to LOVE that show! so i must say i was quite smiley and happy as i started to watch it, remembering all the characters.
the lawyer guy obsessed with sex.
the dorky blonde.
the fun judge dude.
the sarcastic hateful black lady.

i made it through two episodes before i had to change it to whatever stupid motorcycle/muscle car building show was on Discovery. because you guys? Night Court? has got to be one of the WORST shows ever made. i mean, i think it’s worse than Daktari or Land of the Lost.

the writing? i mean, EVERY line HAD to be a joke COMPLETE WITH LAUGHTRACK.
i’m serious.
every. line.
that is absurd!
and the judge? he’s insane. and what is UP with the hat, dude? it’s 1984 and you ARE NOT Sam Spade, m’kay?
and Bull? lovable Bull? is functionally retarded. and really facking annoying.
the only character worth listening to is the sarcastic, hateful black lady. she had the best lines.

man, i used to LOVE that show, you know? i mean, i used to beg mom to let me stay up and watch it. and now, to see it again years later…and to see how bad it was? it’s weird. because, honestly, my tastes haven’t changed much since i was 8 years old. i like funny things. i like seeing people get hit in the head. i laugh at a fart EVERY time. okay last night, i was watching Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law and i was laughing my ass off. hard. my stomach hurt i laughed so much. this proves my point about my not having sophisticated tastes. so for me to be disgusted with Night Court tells you just how bad that show was/is.

i guess TV in the ’80s was limited? i don’t remember really. other than the Cosby Show, i have know idea what else i watched. mostly cartoons and PBS. my brother and i watched a lot of cartoons.
a lot of cartoons.

who am i kidding? i still watch a lot of cartoons.
hee. and so does leetle brather! everytime i call him he’s watching cartoons. Mucha Lucha! i just watched it!
this morning? who watched* Pokemon?
i did.
do you know what i don’t understand? Team Rocket. i don’t get those two at all. but that’s a rant for another day.

*in the mornings i have the tv on and i don’t suppose it’s fair to say that i “watch” it. it’s just on. so to say i “watched” pokemon is a little off, but the point is i could have had it on a different channel, but chose to keep it on ‘toons.
but while i eat my cereal i do sit and watch Krypto the Superdog. it’s cute. Baby Looney Tunes? hate.


this morning i watched** Reality Bites while i waited for the AC Man to show up and replace my thermostat. he never showed. (August strikes again!) anyway, that’s one of those movies where if it’s on i have to watch it. even though i really don’t it very much. i don’t like the main characters, they’re too…i dunno…egotistical or something. every time i watch it i like it less and less. so maybe one day it will come on and i won’t have to watch it.

oh! and i thought of another movie that if it’s on i have to watch it! it’s the..uh, shit. i just had it. the one with tom hanks and the girls baseball team? i LOVE that one! i love it so much i can’t remember it’s title!

**again, i did two loads of laundry and washed the dishes while i “watched” the movie.


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