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crazy margaret came by this evening, at like, 9pm.
i was all, “margaret, it’s late. go home.
“but wait i just gotta tell you this one thing…”
and she proceeds to tell me about 200 things and none of them make any sense. she told me that lola killed some of her cats. she started crying about that. then she said that lola will kill my cat. i told her my cat stays inside so it would be quite a trick for-
“no no! she’s mean and hateful and she’ll do it! she’ll kill it!”
“she’ll send a spider or snake over to-”
“okay margaret. um, you need to be careful going home, okay?”

i mean, she was going on about her neighbor that lives next to her has been pouring kerosene in her yard and that it got in her lungs and she had to go to the hospital and they gave her a breathing treatment and some of those medicines that you spray in your throat…
“an inhaler?”
“yeah! that’s it! they gave me 3 of those!”

and then she talked about how the firemen said that her neighbor shouldn’t be pouring the kerosene in the yard and that the people in the Habitat For Humanity house just picked up and left at 3am the other day but that if i had any trouble the guy on the corner over there…there…that house right there? he’s got a shotgun and he’ll shoot it if you need him to he used to do that for beth when she came home late and don’t be scared to be out here at night i’m not scared but you are scared aren’t you? why are you scared? i don’t know what you’re going to do when you get married i don’t know what to tell you you should call the city about this alley way and maybe they’ll come do something about it where’s the motion lights? why aren’t they coming on? i’ll bring some bulbs for it and my ladder and i’ll- but why not? i’ll fix it- but…well…i don’t know why she’s gotta be so hateful. the doctor told me i shouldn’t go over there anymore because of how nasty she is he says i’ll get sicker ‘cos of all the germs she hasn’t bathed but once since you moved in and she keeps wearing the same robe she won’t even dump her pee bucket she just leaves it on the porch i can’t keep anything down i keep throwing up the doctor said i still have fluid in my knee and he wanted me to have someone look at it but i know better and my bones are weak and they can’t put a screw in there it’ll never heal i can’t heal like i used to i never been to my son’s house but one night last week i woke up from a vision and i saw a man at a house with two yellow lights and i said, “lord! lord! look! there’s a man trying to get in that house!” and the lord said, “yes margaret i see him.” and i said, “well lord! lord! stop him! get him!” and he said, “margaret i’m taking care of it. you don’t need to worry about it.” and i told my son about that he asked if i’d ever seen his house and i said that no i don’t know where you live and he said that i had described his house so i’m tellin’ you jaimie if the lord shows me something then that means there’s danger and he keeps showing me that the door to that house right there is opened and that someone is in there probably a homeless person and they probably are harmless i’m not afraid of being out here at night i’m out here all the time and i stop robberies i stopped one last week but see i go to sleep around 6 o’clock and i get up around 3 or 4 in the morning so i see a lot of things that most people don’t see…

keeeee-rist. i mean, that’s just what i can remember.

i really need to tape that shit. The Margaret Monologues.


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