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i had an interesting day that actually started one day last week. i received a phone call from this lady who happens to be an art professor at JSU. she was laura’s main prof. as laura took like, eleventeen of her classes. since i majored in something else i only took one of the lady’s classes because quite frankly, the lady intimidated the hell out of me. she’s very serious and perfectionistic and also british. and honestly, any time i was around her for any length of time (like 15 seconds) i’d end up tripping or dropping something or saying, “shit.” and that’s always embarrassing.

in fact, i remember one evening i was in the hall and i was trying to put my jacket on and i couldn’t get one arm into one of the sleeves and i was going around in circles chasing the sleeve down and when i finally got it on i triumphantly said, “a ha!” and there she was at the end of the hall looking at me like, “and they let you drive a car?”

but then years later i did some work for her at the sign shop and found out she was kinda normal and not at all the stern teacher she plays during the day. although she IS a perfectionist. but that’s true of most graphic designers, isn’t it?

then years later she found out i painted houses and so i ended up painting her house. all this to say that she called me the other day.
me: hello?
her: i jaimie!
me: hi, crazy lady!
her: i have a question for you.
me: okay, do you need some more painting done at your house?
her: well, actually yes, but that’s not why i’m calling.
me: oh. okay.
her: i have a friend who is an artist and she’s working on a fairly big project and she needs an assistant. and i wanted to give her your number.
me: okay…so…she needs her house painted?
her: no jaimie! i just thought you’d be the perfect person for the job!
me: what?!
her: she’s the best artist i know.
me: and you’d think i’d be good at being her assistant?
her: yes! i think you two will get on perfectly!
me: really? i’m not even qualified for something like-
her: oh, yes you are! she’s building a big installation piece and i think you’re going to love it!
me: well, that’s…something.
her: she’s a very serious artist and you came to mind when she said she needed-
me: wait! she’s serious? and you want to recommend me?
her: now jaimie, she’s a serious artist…that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a sense of humour.
me: well, alright. i guess you can give her my number.
her: great! ‘cos i already gave her your number and she’s going to call you in about 5 minutes!
me: …you fink.
her: you’re really going to get on fine with her.
me: all right. well, let me know when you’re ready for some painting.
her: oh, i will!

so anyway the artist lady (ms. p) called 30 seconds later and we made an appointment to meet today. she’s definitely a serious artist, but also? i can see how ms. c thought ms. p and i would get along. we are totally into the same stuff. very industrial looking projects. she is, of course, lightyears ahead of me, but i mean, she should be, y’know? she’s had lots more schooling than i have.

so it’s kind of like an interview, right? and she asks me what my hobbies are.
“um, well…i read. a lot. and i have a website that i guess would be considered a hobbie. and i juggle.”
then she asks me what books i’ve been reading. and i’m thinking, do i say
House of leaves and then try to explain what it’s about? because…i don’t have that kind of vocabulary. so i told her some of the books i’ve been reading omitting HoL. then she brings up something about a book she made where she tried to incorporate hypertext, and i asked her if she’d ever heard of James Burke. and she had! in fact, one of his books was right by her computer! how crazy! so we jived on him for a bit.

well, 3 hours later we’re in her studio and i’m looking at her book shelves and i’ll be damned, there’s house of leaves! “oh my gosh! you have house of leaves?!”
“oh yes, that’s a great book!”
“i know! i’m reading it for the second time because it was just so amazing.”
“i read it twice too!”

anyway, long story short (yeah right) i hung out with that lady for like, 4 hours, and i guess i got the job.

but it’s not like an everyday job. it’ll be a once a week kinda thing. only bad part is that it’s in anniston.

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