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every once in a while i will have a sex dream. the only thing that you can count on about one of my sex dreams is that no matter with whom or where i am having the sex, it will be in front of a group of people. SECRET SEXIBITIONIST!
i had one last night and let me just share with you the hilarity.

there i was…doing it…with well, i called him jimmy, and he answered to jimmy, however, it was…
Vince Neil.
look, i know. oh, believe me, i know. i don’t even like Motley Crue! or STDs!

we were in the middle of a toy store. my MOM walks by, asks me a question about a movie then goes and pays for her purchase. the purchase was, and this is the absolute kicker, Jesus Legos. as in “Now You Can Build Jesus Out of Legos!” Jesus was wearing a green Lego robe and was posing like the Buddy Christ from Dogma.

to sum up: Vince Neil, my MOM (whaa? Freud much?), and as they say in the hockey world, for the hat trick: Jesus Legos.

i woke up, and i promise you this was my first thought, “what was that giant bed doing in the middle of a toy store?”

i wish i could be in the same room as Cookie when she reads this.

i think it’s safe to totally blame this on all the junk food i ate (and drank) at cakehole’s b’day party.

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