The One About Folied!

March 29, 2005

hi kids,

the neighbors came home from their camping trip. too bad they came home to this:

what the hell?!

i can’t believe…

oh, my sweet lord.

milwaukee’s best?!

wow. you guys have some sucky friends don’t you?

yes, on sunday night 7 awesome people broke and entered the House of Wood and went to town a-foilin’. not really B&E though, we had a key. i think there were over 600sqft of foil used. the sad thing is we didn’t use up all the foil we brought. just think of how cool that would have been.

my god the foil. i’m certain that what we did is illegal in california. but if foiling the shit out of my friends’ kitchen is wrong, i don’t want to be right. if foil is outlawed, only outlaws will have foil. is that the kind of world you want to live in? is it!?

it looked so much cooler in person. the pictures, although very funny, just don’t do it justice.

it’s amazing how pretty all the foil covered jars, bottles, cans, fruit, knives, spoons, spice containers, and other random turned out. ‘cos when i got home i looked around and thought, “gee, my place is so bland. i need more chrome.”

when we were finished i walked over to my side of the ‘plex to get a carbonated soda and i started to wrap my leftover pizza in some foil. laura walked in and said, “oh no! jaimie’s turned into a compulsive foiler! stop!” hee.

none of us were sure what the reaction to such a heinous and awesomely funny crime would be. i was “lucky” enough to be at home when they came back and lemme tell ya, liz’z giggles were priceless. i am so glad they thought it was funny. otherwise i would have had to move…to california, where that shit is illegal.


next epitomb: jaimie goes to jail for wasting natural resources, like bauxite. well, like more bauxite.

jaimie “mad foiler” pickle

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