2. The Cove by Catherine Coulter

I needed to start a new series and this was recommended by my library pal, Jan. This is the first book in Ms. Coulter’s FBI Thriller series. The only thing I’m a little leary of is that Ms. Coulter’s other books are romances. And I’m not talking mere love stories here. I’m talking about books with titles like The Countess, The Wild Baron, and The Wyndham Legacycomplete with terrible cover art. I know, don’t judge a book by it’s terrible cover art and all.

(I know I’m spoiled with good design because I know LBC and she’s so great at it that it’s just not even fair to the rest of the world. And when I see shitty book covers (daily at the ‘brary) I get so mad at the injustice of it (even if it’s probably a shitty book too) because still, someone wrote that book. They took time to write it. They probably even love the characters they created. That book they’ve written…it’s like a part of them that they’re giving to the rest of the world. And then some publishing company puts a cheap, shitty cover on it. I wonder if the authors ever get a choice. and if they do… then imagine all the shit they turn down! And I think, “Damn, do NONE of these authors have a pal like LBC?” It’s sad for them and it’s sad for us; for until they do get their own LBC we’re all stuck with the shitty cover art with the raised metallic letters. feh)

This book wasn’t much of an “FBI Thriller” as it was an Action Love Story. It was about a lady who’s blamed for killing her horrible, abusive father. She’s “on the lam” as they say, and the FBI is after her as is a doctor from a mental institution that she escaped from. She wasn’t really crazy…they just…try to make her think she’s crazy. She runs off and ends up in Oregon (I think) at her aunt’s house in The Cove which is a creepy little town where everything is picture-perfect.

The Handsome FBI Agent finds her in The Cove and immediately he’s all, “Don’t worry I believe you You didn’t kill anyone No you aren’t crazy I love you.” And then the action follows all, “My dead father called me on the phone! I’m not crazy!” and people in The Cove start dying. There’s a lot of junk that goes on in this book and it really got redundant. It should have been about 75 to 100 pages less than it was. I’m going to try the other books in the series because Jan told me that the first two books are kinda meh, but that it really gets good in the third one. This one gets 4 Cansecos.


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