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last night my parents and i went to the bar to hear liz sing. during the winter we go bowling on tuesday nights so we don’t get to hear her that often. but during the summer, we don’t bowl, so there’s really no excuse for not hearing liz. it’s been said (many times, many ways) that liz is a good singer. so i’m not going to say it again. no need to give her the big head. but i will say that i do feel lucky that i get to hear her either at the bar or when she leads worship at church.

and i also feel lucky when i get to stand behind her and play bass at church, and not just because i get to hear her sing, but because i think she’s a good worship leader and i see that she’s becoming a great worship leader. it’s an honor for me to get to help her with worship, and it’s made sweeter that she’s one of my great friends. it’s like having a front row seat to seeing something amazing hapen to one of your favorite people.

okay, enough with the liz.


at the bar dad and i drank many Blue Moons on draft. i forgot to have dinner and so i came home rather stumbly and numbfaced thinking, “ah crap. this’ll suck tomorrow.”


i had one of the most complicated dreams i’ve ever had last night. it was so complicated that it was like a two hour movie complete with soundtrack/score and starring no one i know or have ever heard of. complete strangers. in my dream movie.

the dreamovie started out with an older couple who were traveling across all over. they were in a car with maps and hats and cameras hanging on their necks doing the traveling that ambitious retirees do. their parts in the dream were always in black and white. these parts never really seem to fit with what was going on in the actual “plot” of the dream.

so this “plot” was there’s this guy who used to be very good looking. he was the son of very rich people. he was in a wreck of some sort and now has two healing scars right on his face. on his mouth in fact. one was on his bottom lip and the other was on the top lip (one was on the left and one was on the right). he was still handsome, just, you know…with these deepish scars. all this guy wanted to do with his life was be in toothpaste commercials.

yeah, i know.

he was always carrying around his head shots, passing them out to agents and tv people and such. well, of course no one wanted him in a toothpaste commercial. if his scars had been on his arms or legs or stomach or pretty much anywhere else on his body he’d be perfect for toothpaste commercials, but as it was, with the scars on his mouth…he got no work. he was bitter but not to be deterred he decided what he needed to do was go to Egypt to make toothpaste commercials over there.

so he goes to Egypt. oddly, the Egyptian Oil Company hires him to do toothpaste commercials for them. he’s very excited. he gets to the set and they start filming and so all’s he’s gotta do is open the tube of toothpaste, squeeze it onto the brush, and brush his teeth. so he opens the tube and squeeze the paste and it comes out but it’s not like our toothpaste. what it’s like is the color of nyQuil…the green one, and it has the smell and consistency of that dark brown dandruff shampoo…you know the one…kinda runny, but thicker than regular shampoo and it smells like tar because there’s actually tar in the shampoo? yeah, anyway that. that’s what comes out of the tube.

the guy is so grossed out and upset that the toothpaste is not like our toothpaste he starts to bitch about it. the Egyptian Oil Company starts to get mad and then the old man and lady from the black and white parts of the dreamovie show up and she says something like, “well, what did you expect? it’s Egypt.” and then, RIGHT THEN the alarm clock goes off and i’m jerked awake by Toto (chris, i’m not lying. you can ask jimmy; he was there.) screaming about the rain in Africa.


at the bar, chris told me that Toto was very popular in mexico.


when i turned off the alarm i got up to wirte this down so i wouldn’t forget the dream. so i come in here and write down the keywords on an index card. when i woke up later i checked out what i wrote:
old couple
young rich kid
beat up face
Egypt oil co.
toothpaste ads
toothpaste like dandruff shampoo
old couple keep popping up for no reason
it ends with the old lady saying somthing random

after i wrote the list i went back to bed all mad and grumbly. jimmy asked, “hangover?”
“mmmmno… i’m still drunk. i’ll be hungover this afternoon.”

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