today at the ‘brary this older lady asks me a question and it confused me cos it was very busy today what with the summer reading program going on. kids were everywhere and the phone rang nonstop. so she says to me, “how old are you? i’ve got a son.”

and i’m not thinking on all cylinders here because i’m trying to get the right dates on her books and the phone is ringing, and the next person in line is looking at me all, “can we get on with it? why is she still talking to you? doesn’t she know it’s busy as hell in here?”

so i’m thinking, son? what the hell’s that got to do with anything? so i say, “i’m thirty.” with what i’m sure is a confused face on my face.

so then she’s makes a face and says, “oh, you’re much too old for him.”

what the- oh NOW i get it, and i’m all, “hey, i’m married, lady. next!”

weird. i mean c’mon. what kind of mom tries to pick up chicks for her son? so i’m skeeved about it. and i tell mr. fleegan about it when he gets home from work and he says, “well really it’s kind of flattering.”

“what?! really? which part, the part where she tries to pick up a chick for her kid? or the part where ahe sneered at me and told me i was too old.”

“well obviously she sees something in you that she likes and would approve for her son to date.”

“oh.  i’ve turquoise hair. who tries to bag the chick with the hair for their son?”


“i guess. still, she needs to be letting her son do the talking. else he won’t learn nothin’.”

so, possible flattery aside, isn’t it weird for moms to ask girls personal questions for their sons? oh! and what’s even weirder is this isn’t the first time this has happened. when i worked at the sign shop i had pink hair and this lady i had to deal with several times asked me how old i was. i answered, “i’m 23. why?”

“oh. i have a son…. but you’re too old for him.”

again with the oldness. so now it’s years later right? and that lady’s son has been dating this girl i know for several years WHO IS THE SAME AGE AS ME.


but now that i’m thinking about it i guess it is okay that they think i’m “worthy” of their sons (you know how southern moms are). until the whole bit about my age anyway.




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