a patron comes in and looks at me and says, “you’re not one of those damned environmentalists, are you?”

so i replied, “nah, i drive a jeep, and i don’t hug trees.”

not that i’m anti enviro, mind. it’s just that his question garnered a smartass answer.


last night i met up with some pals at the local bar. (is it a pub now? i know it’s got pub in the name, but do we call it a pub? i’m not sure.) we heard some jazz music played by what appeared to be children. i kid, they were young, but probably in college. still, they looked like 8th graders. it was okay music but i didn’t like that they used a keyboard for the bass. lamey lamerson.

the awesome part (aside from spending time with friends) was that the pub (okay, i’m going with pub now. it’s in the name. on tuesdays, when they have jazz, it’s a pub. on fridays and saturdays when it’s like walking in to my highschool reunion? it’s a bar.) was selling two (2) of the amazing beers we tried at On Tap (in b’ham) they had the Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan and the Rogue Dead Guy ale. i went with the Rogue Dead guy because it was only $2 a glass. a delicious bargain!

i think we’re making it a plan to meet up next tuesday. so i hope to see you there!

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