Jan pointed out that i haven’t blogged about the punk guy yet. i forgot. so many things happen to me in a week it’s hard to remember it all. i’m slammed with characters all day, you know. oh you know.

so i come back from lunch one day at the ‘brary. i get to the circ desk and jan and one of my other coworkers (i can’t remember who) says, “hey. remember the mom that was hitting on you for her son?”
and i’m all, “yeah?”

“well, her son is here.”


“he’s over there in the stacks, see?”

and i turn and look and it’s this big guy with a bright red mohawk, four eyebrow rings, and a spiked labret. at first i was all, “dang, no wonder she…” but then i noticed Jan laughing and realized that she was teasing me. that’s not the lady’s son.

so then he came up to check out and (i think he was checking out some nonfiction on rock n roll.) he was SO POLITE. i mean, he was huge too, very intimidating, but he was so soft spoken and polite and i was relieved because he looked so tough and mean. and of course he chose my line. because obviously. hee.

but he was so punk, right? i mean face all tore up and a red mohawk, and he’s in a library? is that really punk? what i mean is, i thought punk was all anti-establishment. and the library answers (unfortunately) to city hall. so wouldn’t that make the library the enemy?

but really, maybe no. because the library is probably the least “establishment” of gov. control. right? i mean, we provide banned books! so i guess the library is kinda punk. in a nerd kind of way. i would much rather the library seem more punk than emo.

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