i had a moment of panic and heartbreak on tuesday when i read a tiny blurb on msn.com that said MLB was going to start using instant replay.

i know.

i know. believe me. i was at the bar that night talking to my pals all, “didja here? can you believe they’re using instant replay in baseball now?” and most everyone just blinked at me and said, “um, you mean they don’t already?” which kind of killed my soul a little.

but then eric showed up and i asked him if he had heard anything about it. he had not, but thank god he had the proper response about the whole thing, ie. shock and disbelief. because hello? the ump is god in baseball, okay? if we make the ump fallible then… then baseball becomes… a lie. i mean, i hold these truths to be self-evident,

1. there’s no crying in baseball.

2. pete rose should be in the HOF.

3. it sucks that corporations are building new stadiums and naming them after themselves so instead of the Giants playing at Candlestick Park, they play at AT&T Park. or the Pirates old stomping ground, Three Rivers Stadium, only now they’re at PNC Park. lame.

4. the umpire is the lord of the sith of baseball, and if you don’t like it tough.

yesterday i checked mlb.com and read that the instant replay is limited. and it can only be used to check homerun/double shenanigans. so basically my panic of “oh no! now everyone will be challenging every call!” and “will this make the umps lazy?” has subsided, and i think this will be a good thing.

and i’ve read where people were concerned that this could slow down a game, but really, i don’t see that. first of all, it’s not really a quick game anyway. second, they can have the play queued up during a commercial break, so there you go.



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