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we’ve started working at the house in rainbow city.

“what house in rainbow city?”

oh. i guess i haven’t mentioned it here before. jimmy and i are buying a house in rainbow city (the city of rainbows!), but there’s a couple of things that need to be done to it first. things like, take out a wall here, fix the floor there, drywall over that door cos it doesn’t make sense now that there’s no wall there, etc.

<tangent> i just got a beer out of the ‘fridge, and don’t you hate it when you get a beer out of the ‘fridge and there’s not as many in there as you think there should be? and you’re all, “wait. only three left? but i just bought that on tuesday. i haven’t been drinking lately. i wonder where…” and it’s worse because maybe you’re the only one in the house who drinks? so like, you can’t even justify it all, “obviously mr. fleegan has had a few, and good for him, he deserves a brewski now and then as well as i.” so you know it was you who drank 9 beers mysteriously throughout the week, but you have no recollection of this very thing happening. and it kind of bugs you even though you remember important things like that you went to work everyday and you’ve done laundry and there’s not a dirty dish in the house… and yet there is guilt because you can’t remember even drinking at all this week and where did those beers go? and maybe you found an empty by the computer monitor and there was that empty you found on the beer shelf in the shower this morning.

and when you found it maybe you were all, “heh. who was drinking in the shower anyway?” and you can’t blame it on the cat because you got rid of the cat weeks ago-

“what? you got rid of the cat?”

oh. have i not mentioned that Toonces Whorecat is no longer with us? yes. well. Toonces and i had a bit of a falling out a couple of weeks ago. i don’t want to talk about it. let’s say we had 12 good years together and leave it at that.

so sure, you keep finding the empties but you don’t know how they got there and you really don’t remember handling them when they were… fullies… for lack of a better word. (yes, that’s right, i couldn’t come up with anything better than fullies.) and the only thing that makes perfect sense to you is that there’s some kind of beer bandit sneaking in your house, drinking your beer, surfing your ‘net, and taking your showers. it’s so obvious, in fact, that you figure even the Scooby gang could figure this one out…with don knotts.

so anyway, i’ve probably been drinking a little more than usual lately what with the house situation and my inability to deal with minute pieces of stress. i’ll admit it. i’m no good at stressful things, and one of the stressful things i’m not good at is spending money we don’t have, as in: remodeling a house. if i come out of this alive and still married to mr. fleegan you can take that as a sign that not only is there a God, but that mr. fleegan is one of His saints.

proper recognition goes to liznchris who both worked like a hoss on saturday helping us remove the horrible flooring underlayment in the kitchen and dining room which turned out to be that awful particle board junk only there was 40 years worth of linoleum melted/disintegrated into it which made it TRULY a bitch to take up. and i promise that next time, guys, there will be beer. barring that i don’t drink it all first.

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