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have you clicked your dailyhttp://www.thebreastcancersite.com click yet?
well, do it! if they get so many clicks in october then something happens. but i won’t tell you what it is cos you can find out if YOU JUST GO CLICK ALREADY.

is laura not the bomb? thanks laura, for the awesome breast cancer ribbon toting fleegan. i think you rule.  


liz also rules even though she wouldn’t sign my CD. gah, wait till i write that book i’ve always threatened to write…and we’ll see if she gets a signed copy of that.


in an effort to remind myself AND YOU to click the breast cancer link EVERY DAY i’m going to blog every day this month.

why are you laughing? i can do this. yes i can. oh sure i work three jobs and volunteer and i’m remodeling a house and trying to get another house ready to sell and there’s the knitting and the reading and the occassional episode of Law and Order and the drinking alone with all my shame and the drinking with friends which is less shameful and there’s at least one meal a day if not more and the sleeping and wouldn’t it be nice to put some sex somewhere in there?
i’ve time to blog. TONS!


things i did today:
coffee klatch with mom and the girls
finished painting a fancy bathroom in east gadsden
ate lunch with Popsicle
bought paint for the RBC house
put the second coat of paint on the living room walls of the RBC house
caulked some more paneling
went to the bar to hear liz sing

mr. fleegan and i split a pitcher of Sam Adams Oktoberfest this evening. i said to chris, “this tastes just like all the other sam adams beer i’ve ever had.” which offended chris because he was able to actually taste autumn in his pitcher. but what do you expect of me? i’m the cheapy who drinks miller high life light…out of a can.

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